All About Cashmere

The difference between cashmere and Pashmina is a bit tricky. This is because its origin comes from the same source–the cashmere goat.

Both cashmere and Pashmina are both luxurious materials. While cashmere is the term that is mostly used, Pashmina is a less popular term.

In reality, there are subtle and unique differences.

So, what is cashmere?

Why do people sometimes have to travel all the way to Mongolia to find cashmere where the average temperature is minus 20 degrees celsius?

It’s because you can find cashmere goats there.

Just to survive those incredibly harsh conditions, the goat grows this very fleecy down fiber. That protects it from the harsh weather.

In the spring when it no longer needs the cashmere, it naturally sheds the fiber, and people harvest it to produce amazing cashmere sweaters.

A cashmere farm can be home to over 100 goats. It takes a special kind of goat to grow quality cashmere clothes. The best fiber producers are descended from the Spanish meat goat, and feral goats in Australia.

You would comb them like you would comb a dog. They shed like dogs. Each goat can produce 3 ounces of cashmere per year. With such a small amount of product and so few farmers harvesting the fiber, cashmere remains an extremely valuable material.

The herd is primarily made up of baby goats or kids. Much like children, kids can be quite the mischievous bunch.