How To Wash Cashmere

First thing you should do is fill the sink with medium warm water. Then add delicate wool or cashmere soap (according to the bottle)

Then gently swish the water to incorporate the soap.

Then on a clean white washcloth, test the fabric to see of the color bleeds.

If it doesn’t, add a little more hot water, if it does, a add little more cold water.

Begin with the lightest pieces first (if you’re washing multiple articles of clothing).

Submerge in water until it’s totally wet. Then gently swirl for 2-5 minutes. Remember, the longer you wash, the more color will fade, so keep track of the time.

Then drain the water. Refill the sink with cold water. Then swirl until the soap is gone. You may need to repeat this several times.

Then drain the sink and gently roll the article into a loose ball. Press down to drain the water. Re-roll and repeat several times.

On a hard surface, lay out a fluffy towel. Place the wet sweater flat out on the towel, then roll the towel, gently, and squeeze.

Repeat as desired. Then let the sweater dry flat out on a mesh surface or rack.